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Tree Flocking Machine

White Christmas is adored by people who live in seasonal regions with snow, and others who long for the typical worldwide depiction of the Christmas festivities in the West. Flocking of Christmas trees lights up the mood of the home and spices the season with the spirit of the Christmas period. The beauty of a flocked tree shows when you light up the tree with the complete lighting decorative and accessories.

History of tree flocking

The first signs of flocking began 3000 years ago, with evidence of using applications of resin glue on natural fibers. In the 12th century, flocking advanced to start the use of mortars and wall coverings. Tree flocking machines of the 19th century included the use of simple electrical appliances. This century saw the start of using electrostatic energy to move particles in a more efficient way for professional flocking.

The 20th century had numerous developments of the electrostatic technology. European technology made significant developments with direct voltage machines. They use complex materials and principles to refine any surface and enhance the final aesthetic of the tree.

Most common types of tree flocking machines

The categorization of these machines varies according to different criteria:

  • The way of handling the device may be hand-held or with the use of fixed machinery
  • The brands of the flocking machine
  • The mode of flocking

Available flocking machines from Peak Season

Hand-held units

They consist of metal plates, flocking heads, and generators. The plate has to have a frim securing and position to function correctly. The flock fibers run through from the canister and through the screen. The electrostatic energy pushes the fiber through the screen into the metal ground. Loose threads get pulled out by vacuuming, shaking and use of compressed air.

Mighty sno-blower flocking machine

The sno-blower brand has been in the industry for a long time. They use German technology to make microfibers into fine and small flakes. The device enables one to customize the snowflakes by changing the volume, spray pattern, and flow of materials.

Other features of the sno-blower tree flocking machine include the flock gun, water hose, and flock hose. The newest feature, the micro separator, makes it possible to flock another 6-foot tree for every bag.

Mini-sno blower flowing machine

This very convenient flocking machine makes the best handheld tool. Mini-sno machines are lightweight, simple, and powerful. It has carry straps and hoses to help in the carriage of the device and precise flocking method for a professional look. Other common properties of the mini-sno flocking machine include the following:

  • A 2.5 gallon with a canister of locked air and no moving parts
  • A seven-inch electrical cord
  • It can hold four pounds of snow flock that can cover one full tree size
  • The mini-sno machine is designed to work with small volumes of flocks
  • It has strong flocking colors

Other flocking tools available from Peak Season include M-50 flocking machine and the mighty sno-blower with a Cadillac motor. The available mini-sno blower kit will optimize the functions of the mini-sno blower machine.

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