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How to Pawn a Rolex Watch

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It is not surprising that you walk into a pawn shop and see rolex watches on display. Because it is very profitable for pawn shop since Rolex watches do not lose their retail value too much.

Before pawning your Rolex watch there are some steps you need to take:

First, you need to be sure that the watch looks clean and well-cared-for. It also means for pawnshop that your watch functions well.

Second, you should keep the original packaging for pawn broker so that he can make a good presentation for the end customer. It is also important in terms of the legitimacy of the watch.

Third, You should check the missing pieces such as extra links or precious stones.

And here are the actions to be taken to pawn your Rolex watch:

You should understand the transaction and the legal part of the process. You need to follow the changing in an interest rate per month? Also it is necessary to consider the questions such as How long the loan term?, Is there any grace period?, If the broker will let you know that the loan period is about to expire or not?, Are you able to extend the loan if needed?

After finding an answer to these questions, you should find a pawn shop is the right fit for you. is the best place to pawn your Rolex Watch  for the best Value. We are located at  37 West 47th St. Suite #203 New York, NY 10036. We are open from Monday to Thursday 10am-5:30pm and Friday from 10am-4pm.


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